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Marissa Nadler presents new video of her Townes Van Zandt Cover „Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria“!


This march Townes Van Zandt would have turned 77 and his music still touches people. On July 1, My Proud Mountain releases „Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III“. Another album on which no less than Amenra, Cave In and Marissa Nadler cover a selection of his songs, as homage to the songwriting genius that he was.

The new single „Quicksilver Dreams of Maria“, and also the album’s opener, features Nadler in a daydream with wistful siren vocals that embody the lovelorn and lusty side of Townes Van Zandt that some listeners tend to overlook.

“I wanted to shine a light on some of Townes Van Zandt’s lesser known, but equally excellent songs from his vast body of work.” sagt Nadler. “His deeply romantic lyrical tendencies are intricately displayed on the three songs that I chose, as well as the pervasive loneliness and deep-seated sadness, always waiting right outside the door.”

Marissa Nadler also says about the song:
„This song is so intense. The words roll off his tongue- such a great lyrical flow. I remember when I first heard this song, I felt like I had always known it. It felt ancient and eternal…. Maria becomes a mythical figure in this song. She’s powerful, she’s a presence or a ghost, it’s hard to tell- the line between reality and fantasy is so beautifully blurred.“

Here is the video of Quicksilver Dreams of Maria“:





Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III – Birthday + Announcement



On todays birthday of Townes van Zandt who died in 1997 My Proud Mountain is thrilled to announce Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III, continuing the tradition of well-known artists in the heavy music and dark genres covering the songs of Townes Van Zandt.

The LP features nine new and unique covers by Amenra, Cave In, and Marissa Nadler – three songs are performed by each artist.

If you are interested to write or post something about the release please let us know and we will send you files to listen to the record. All artists are available for interviews and we would be excited to work on this with you.

Opener “Quicksilver Dreams of Maria” paints Nadler, as a pastoral daydream of mournful siren vocals, embodying the lovelorn and lustful side of Van Zandt some listeners tend to overlook. “I wanted to shine a light on some of Townes Van Zandt’s lesser known, but equally excellent songs from his vast body of work,” says Nadler. “His deeply romantic lyrical tendencies are intricately displayed on the three songs that I chose, as well as the pervasive loneliness and deep-seated sadness, always waiting right outside the door.”

Her covers of “Sad Cinderella” and “None But the Rain” capture the tender and weary surrender to hope in the face of turmoil, like a flower blooming on a gravestone. The melodic and rhythmic contributions of Milky Burgess help make the covers a hazy carnival of memories that may be real or imagined, depending on where your eyes are following the setting sun over the hillside. “I recorded the songs at my home studio, with an intimate close-mic approach, and tried to be as raw as I could with them. The feeling that Townes is singing right in your ear, standing right next to you, comforting you – that is what I love about so many of his recordings. His attack and delivery go straight to the heart.”

Amenra strip back their sludge metal sound to just vocals and acoustic guitar to pay tribute to the tortured soul at the center of Van Zandt’s work. “The sadness and despair in his songs are unparalleled,” says guitarist Lennart Bossu. Tackling “Kathleen”, “Flyin’ Shoes”, and the eerie “Black Crow Blues”, Amenra shine a light on the real pain that made Van Zandt’s lyrics all the more haunting. “We recorded the songs with Gilles Demolder, in his little studio, where he added keys and atmospheres to “Kathleen” and “Flyin’ Shoes,” continues Bossu. “After working a little bit on tempos and composition, we surrendered to the songs, and tried to get as close to Townes’ original intention as we could.” The result is the Texas desert by way of Belgium, a set of stark and emotionally raw ballads for long night drives to nowhere.

“We’re gonna play another cover here,” says Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky from the Roadburn Festival stage in April 2018, a slight Texas twang escaping his mouth in anticipation of what comes next. “We’re gonna do a Townes Van Zandt song.” He and fellow Cave In guitarist Adam McGrath then launch into “Nothin’”, turning Van Zandt’s withering and detached anthem of forced sobriety and solitude into a proclamation of goodwill and tender absolution to a friend in the afterlife – departed Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield. “Caleb was a big fan of Townes Van Zandt, so we did it in remembrance of our friend,” says Brodsky. “When we think of Townes, we also think of Caleb – that’s the heavy shit.”

Cave In’s full-band covers of “The Hole” and “At My Window” find them at their most cavernous, slowing down their high-wire sound to a sidewinder crawl to navigate the claustrophobic darkness. “I heard what Marissa Nadler and Amenra did with their covers, and it convinced me to go back to the drawing board,” says Brodsky. “It was pretty obvious that traditional-sounding Cave In versions of Townes Van Zandt wouldn’t work in this context.”

At nearly 7-minutes long, their doomed-out cover of “The Hole” is as black as west Texas midnight. “Our version was recorded mostly remotely – it started with me just singing and playing keys at the same time. I’m not sure there’s any other Cave In recording out there without me playing guitar,” continues Brodsky.”

For their cover of “At My Window”, Brodsky says, “We actually recorded 3 or 4 different versions. We eventually turned down the volume and slowed the tempo, with everyone going a little further outside their comfort zones to achieve something that would blend well with the other contributions. The Swans vibe that we eventually settled on seems to have garnered the best result for this application.”

It’s likely that today’s digital landscape of plug-and-play creative freedom would have benefited an artist as fiercely committed to independence as Townes Van Zandt. My Proud Mountain is delighted to use today’s technology to help artists create an LP of covers that showcase his sad, brilliant, and highly influential music that continues to touch people the world over to this day.

Tesa presents C O N T R O L visuals on Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.

One more My Proud Mountain artist on Roadburn redux 2021.

TESA released their hypnotic album C O N T R O L last year and we were enraptured. Roadburn Redux will present the album with an exclusive element in the form of the accompanying visuals – originally designed to be part of a live show – that add an extra dynamic to the already mesmerising album.

The band say: “We are deeply honored and privileged to be a part of an event with such a history, passion and significant meaning for everyone who holds dear broad forms of heavy and unconventional music. With these uncertain times and lack of attendance possibility, it even more stands out as the highlight of this year’s musical (and not only) experience, and having a chance to contribute is tremendous.”


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April 1, 2021
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Steve Von Till will perform A Remote Wilderness as part of Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.

lets just listen to what the roadburn festival announced today:

We go way back… 

It was 2007 when Neurosis made their Roadburn debut, and over the years we’ve welcomed them back with open arms and in many guises, multiple times. Steve Von Till has performed at Roadburn as part of Neurosis, as a curator, as a solo artist, and a guest musician – and now he will be performing for us within a digital realm as part of Roadburn Redux. 

Filmed and recorded live at the legendary Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, we’re delighted to be able to present to you a Steve Von Till performance titled A Remote Wilderness. If you’re anything like us you will have spent many a contemplative hour with his latest album No Wilderness Deep Enough, so it will be a joy to see it brought to life. Joined by a dynamic group of Seattle based musicians Von Till will perform the album in its entirety – with a few older songs woven throughout. 

Von Till will handle vocals, piano and guitar for the performance, and will be joined by Dave French (Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) on synthesizer, percussion, guitar and backing vocals, Lori Goldston (Nirvana, Earth) on cello, David Lutz on synthesizer, Eric Padget on French horn, and Olie Eshleman on pedal steel. The visual element will be captured by Bobby Cochran, whose work you may know from Amenra’s A Flood of Light documentary.

From our side, we view our connection to his work from a foundation of deep respect, admiration and – most of all – friendship. Although this year the miles may separate us, we’re looking forward to communing, with Steve’s wonderful, emotive music as the soundtrack. 

Steve Von Till will perform A Remote Wilderness as part of Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.

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April 1, 2021
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Amenra – Live II available on Bandcamp on the 18th of December!

On Friday december 18th 2020 we will release the Amenra Live II album online for the first time on Bandcamp only. The online release of the album on all streamingplattforms, etc. will follow in february 2021.
The album was recorded at AB, Brussels (Tracks 1-6) 22.12.2012 & De Kreun, Kortrijk (Tracks 7-10) 10.02.2013 by Hein Devos


1. The Pain It Is Shapeless
2. Razoreater
3. Aorte
4. Boden
5. Nowena 9I10
6. Silver Needle, Golden Nail
7. Dearborn And Buried
8. A mon âme
9. Terziele. Am Kreuz

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Dezember 17, 2020
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FESTIVAL FOR FESTIVAL streams Neurosis‘ 2018 show at Maifeld Derby Festival

The festival landscape is facing the greatest challenge in its history. The german project “Festival for Festivals” tries to bring fans together to create awareness to hopefully be able to celebrate Festivals next summer again. Now we need YOU: the festival fans!
If you are able to donate, please help. The income from “Festival for Festivals” goes to your favorite festival directly.
So be a part of the most important festival of the year!

On Saturday, August 22nd, “Festival for Festivals” will stream Neurosis’ show at Maifeld Derby Festival in Mannheim, Germany from 2018.

The stream will be available from 10.39pm-11.46pm.
Neurosis (Palastzelt)

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August 21, 2020
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TESA – C O N T R O L Relase today!

Today the latvian 3 piece TESA released C O N T R O L on all plattforms.
Listen to C O N T R O L on your favorite service over here

Get your physical copy on My Proud Mountain Shop

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Mai 29, 2020
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CVLT Nation premiers Peter Wolffs new Single and Video

CVLT Nation premiers Peter Wolffs new Single and Video „From Darkness You Breathe in North America

„Peter Wolffs „From Darkness You Breathe – Rework“ is a song that frees my imagination from the reality of normal life. It’s time for you to witness this epic visual for yourself“
Sean Reveron

Here you find the full review from CVLT Nation

Check Peter Wolffs „From Darkness You Breathe – Rework” here

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April 29, 2020
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Follow You, Hold You Love – The 3th Video from Peter Wolffs record „Breath“

Peter Wolff releases today his new single „Follow You, Hold You Love“ of his amazing record „Breath“.

You can watch this stunning visual art here

Get your physical copy of the record over here

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Juli 25, 2019
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Peter Wolff live in Kulturkaufhaus Dussman Berlin

Peter Wollf will play a free show the 21th June at kulturkaufhaus dussmann in berlin.

The show will start at 5 pm.

See you there!

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Juni 21, 2019
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