HENRY ROLLINS: “If you’re looking for a band that really represents America’s youth’s not The Go-Gos, it’s people like WINO who have nothing to lose, and who have no need to lie. The guy’s got no bullshit. He just says it — if you don’t like it, there’s the door. You can either walk…or if he gets up, you can run. The guy’s talent is undeniable. His charisma is total. He’s a great songwriter. He probably doesn’t even know how good is he on guitar. Wino plays the kind of guitar…like drinking Clorox (bleach) all night long guitar. Like I smoke angel dust and wound people guitar. The guy’s guitar playing sounds like TROUBLE — not the band, the situation.”

PHIL ANSELMO / PANTERA: “When it’s authentic, and when it’s a feel — it can’t be denied. WINO — what a fucking guitar player, number one. And he’s one of my favourite singers — nothing much to prove, just soul-felt vocals. If anyone can ask more than that, then I am not that particular person.”

IAN MACKAYE / FUGAZI: “When you think of him, he’s maybe seven or eight feet tall. But he’s actually not that tall. He just carries that much weight. He’s a legend. When Joe and I first got Fugazi together, it was just ‘Let’s see if we can write a bunch of songs like THE OBSESSED.”

PEPPER KEENAN / COC: “WINO’s music has always been so serious — the fucked up thing about it, that’s the only thing he knows. He’s gonna do that whether he makes a million dollars or ten dollars. To me that’s what always made WINO the quintessential lifer. It’s just what he does. His music is just so goddamned heavy. He means it.”

LEE DORRIAN / CATHEDRAL: “It’s an almost magical kind of music — so much honesty and natural heaviness that comes out of that guy. It’s kind of amazing.”

Scott “Wino” Weinrich has been putting his soul on the line for nearly three decades with his unique brand of Sabbath-inspired Doom / Stoner rock. He formed the hugely influential The Obsessed while still in High School and went on to play in the legendary Saint Vitus.

Wino came back with Spirit Caravan Place Of Skulls and THE HIDDEN HAND.

He is a part of Shrinebuilder. Something that can easily be described as a supergroup of underground heavy music consisting of members of Neurosis, Om, Melvins and your man Wino himself.

On top of this all Wino recorded his first ever acoustic record called “Adrift”.

And Wino joined the Songs of Townes Van Zandt project and recorded 3 songs for this.