Amenra – Live II available on Bandcamp on the 18th of December!

On Friday december 18th 2020 we will release the Amenra Live II album online for the first time on Bandcamp only. The online release of the album on all streamingplattforms, etc. will follow in february 2021.
The album was recorded at AB, Brussels (Tracks 1-6) 22.12.2012 & De Kreun, Kortrijk (Tracks 7-10) 10.02.2013 by Hein Devos


1. The Pain It Is Shapeless
2. Razoreater
3. Aorte
4. Boden
5. Nowena 9I10
6. Silver Needle, Golden Nail
7. Dearborn And Buried
8. A mon âme
9. Terziele. Am Kreuz