TESA is a three-piece band from Riga / Latvia started at the end of 2005, which tries not to classify their style of playing in any particular way, giving the listener a free choice of interpretation, by mixing different styles and sub-genres, creating something unique and passionate.

Since 2005 the band has gained much attention with numerous tours and festival appearances.
TESA released several albums on smaller indie-labels in Latvia, Russia and France over the last 10 years.
Their releases demonstrate passion for experiments with genres and sound textures, mixing dark melodies with feathery soundscapes, ambiences, psychedelic loops and even noise music, abstracting themselves from mainstream standards of heavy music. Previously released albums Tagad, Nekad and Heartbeatsfromthesky have gained recognition as fresh take on the today’s metal music.

At the beginning of 2015 their latest record called ‚GHOST‘ was released via SKYR records/ Latvia. Mastered by James Plotkin, known for his work with several influential bands in the heavy and experimental music scene like Sunn O))), Electric Wizard, Earth, Michael Gira, Tim Hecker and many more. This album is a very diverse and intense sounding album, giving a lot of praise to the rawness and overall ambience of performance.

Tesa leaves a big impression on whoever sees them performing. Neurosis invited the band to support their European shows in 2013 after Tesa have played with them in Riga in 2009.

Tesa is different.

“At some point, when you’ve kind of earned some recognition and there’s a general idea in people’s mind, what you do, and what to expect form you as a band, it’s really easy to just stay in a comfort zone, musically. But I think that we actually tried to step outside a bit form that, and at some level, try to do something different than people expect from you. Maybe it’s more brutal at some parts, more direct and harsh. We try to escape the so-called post-rock thing.”
– Janis Burmeisters /Tesa about the new record

Karlis Tone – bass, vocals, noises
Davis Burmeisters – guitar
Janis Burmeisters – drums, vocals, noises

TAGAD – 2006 – Old Skool Kids | Unbeliever
NEKAD – 2007 – Presiite rec.
Heartbeatsfromthesky – 2008 – Old Skool Kids | Impure muzik
IV – 2012 – Old Skool Kids | Impure muzik
GHOST – 2015 – SKYR records