Spotlights Photo for Press_small

Spotlights are Brooklyn-based husband and wife Mario and Sarah Quintero: they released their album “Seismic” in October 2017 on Ipecac Recordings.

„Doomgaze“ is what media used to describe the new Album. Yep, Doomgaze. You want more? Here we go:

„Doomgaze is a sound that requires a very tricky balancing act. Both styles on their own have the ability to wring a ton of emotion out of ethereal soundscapes, but without the right amount of soul behind it, doom and shoegaze can become boring much faster than the styles’ slow tempos. Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo Spotlights must be acrobats, as their Ipecac debut (and second overall) is a stunning listening experience. Mammoth, earth-shattering (get it?) riffs sit atop spine-tingling ethereal atmospheres.“