EYEDRONE presents “All The Color Of The Dark” – a special gig poster exhibition & market

We feel very flattered to be part of the EYEDRONE Festival that presents screen printed gig posters from some of Europe’s coolest poster artists such as

Apes of Doom

Big Baboli

Brookesia Studio


Janta Island



Subterranean Prints

The EYEDRONE Festival will also present

The dark & macabre art of Hamburg based tattoo artist Sebastiano Calleri

“We’re two girls from Hamburg – St. Pauli, who always loved to get creative. We like to recycle things and create something new and beautiful. Especially bones mean a lot to us, we love working with them and like the thought of honouring the animals that way. We also love the fact that every peace is unique, since every bone is different. Our materials are ethically sourced and 100% cruelty free!”

The beautiful dark & surreal symmetrical fine art photography from Hamburg based artist Susanne Schneider.

Peter Wolff’s music film “Breath”. A very special silent screening with headphones of the music film for Peter Wolff’s new album “Breath”.
This movie was created by film makers Kai Litzke & Noemi Nicolaisen and expresses the perfect completion of Peter Wolff’s new dark electronic, ambient & drone record