MPM announces signing of Bruce Lamont


We are more than happy to announce and welcome Bruce Lamont to our MPM family!

When Bruce Lamont released his first solo album, Feral Songs For The Epic Decline, six years ago, he was best known as the leader of the psychedelic Chicago jazz-metal group Yakuza. Thus, that album’s morose, arty songs came as a radical departure, showing him to be just as comfortable constructing droning, Swans-like epics as exploding with industrial and black metal-inspired rage.

In the six years since, his creative journey has taken him farther and farther afield. He’s part of electronic noise-dirge squad Corrections House, with Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams, Neurosis’s Scott Kelly, and longtime creative partner Sanford Parker; the mind-melting jazz-prog-hardcore trio Brain Tentacles, with Keelhaul bassist Aaron Dallison and grind drummer par excellence Dave Witte; and dozens of other projects, large and small, collaborating with an ever-growing network of like minds.

Stay tuned for more updates and releases of MPM & Bruce Lamont.