Author & Punisher: new EP And new label: Relapse Records


AUTHOR & PUNISHER begins a new chapter this year with a self-released EP, Pressure Mine, which he describes as “dark and heavy, yet harnessed and restrained, with a focus on rhythm and deep full bass textures from all analog sound machines”. The EP is currently available for streaming in its entirety via Noisey at this location and can be purchased via Bandcamp here.

We are also happy to inform you about the official signing of the one-man industrial metal force to Relapse Records.
After releasing five full-length albums in a little over a decade AUTHOR & PUNISHER – named “one of the most prolific acts in aggressive music,” by Noisey – will release his next full length early 2018 on Relapse Records.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER elaborated on the signing and his new machines:
“It’s an honor to join the the label that has been providing the soundtrack to most of my adult life. With a new gear arsenal and the backing of one of the kings of the underground, something special awaits.
2016 and 2017 have been very unique for AUTHOR & PUNISHER retooling mechanically and sonically. In the pipeline for years but only now coming to life, the latest machines, GRIDIRON, are made up of a number of reconfigurable manual/physical units, each intended to couple with a separate piece of analog gear, and give unique control over it. The force feedback from the interaction of machine components and materials, coupled with the integrity and quality of scrutinized analog sounds, is meaningful and powerful. Whether harshly rhythmic or dissonant, these are relatable in ways that programmed sequences often aren’t. This new exploration is an attempt to work with one foot within rhythmic framework of existing analog drum sequencing, while dragging a tire iron on the railroad spikes.”

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