Nate Hall (US Christmas) European Tour 2015

NateHall Cover groß


It´s time. Time to listen to good music and support good artists. Go see Nate Hall!!! „The river doesn’t ever stop. It is a continuous bringer of whatever it touches, and whomever is chosen to step within its waters. The first time I heard Nate Hall’s voice I knew that I was hearing something that would haunt me forever. The unmistakable sound of mountains‘ wind and the desperation and anguish of truth and experience. Authenticity isn’t something you can acquire. Either you are or you are not. Nate’s work shows a depth of heart and a pure channeling that you wont come across 10 times in your life. This is the work of the soul that we all know. And the soul that knew us first. You aren’t born into this and you don’t die out of it. This is eternity, and it brings us all to the center of the river that wants us to be here at this moment.“ – Scott Kelly (Neurosis) about Nate Hall

16.09    GER – Stuttgart @ Contain’t

17.09    BEL – Gent @ Consouling Records In-Store

18.09    NL – Tilburg @ INCUBATE FEST

19.09    BEL – Liege @ L’An Vert

20.09    POR – Porto @ AMPLIFEST

21.09    GER – Leipzig @ Hellheim

22.09    PL – Warsaw @ Chmury

23.09    GER – Berlin @ Keith

24.09    CZ – Prague @ Klub 007 Strahov

25.09    GER – Schwandorf @ Wohnzimmer

26.09    AUT – Linz @ Kapu

27.09    SK – Trnava @ Art Klub

28.09    AUT – Vienna @ Arena Beisl

29.09    HUN – Budapest @ Wave Music Shop  (early)

29.09    HUN – Budapest @ Vittula Klub

30.09    HUN – Szeged @ Mora Ferenc Museum  (early)

30.09    HUN – Szeged @ Grand Cafè

01.10    SRB – Belgrade @ Leila Records & Books  (early)

01.10    SRB – Belgrade @ Kc Grad

02.10    SRB – Novi Sad @ CK 13

03.10    SLO – Ljubljana @ Channel Zero

04.10    CRO – Rijeka @ Klub Palach

05.10    CRO – Zagreb @ Mochvara 

06.10    ITA – Bibione (VE) @ Beach Invaders Music Bar

07.10    ITA – Bologna @ Freak Out

08.10    ITA – Varese @ Twiggy

09.10    AUT – Feldkirch @ Graf Hugo

10.10    SWI – La Chaux De Fonds @ Café L’Entre-Deux

11.10    SWI – Geneva @ L’Usine

Songs of Townes van Zandt 10″

TVZ_Cover_zebraDear Friends: Following the overwhelming success of My Proud Mountain’s first release, Songs of Townes Van Zandt with Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till and Wino, the label have since been inundated with questions about the next instalment in the series, and flooded with offers from bands to be part of it. It seems the urge to spread the word about Townes Van Zandt continues to extend into more musical circles, his name always mentioned in reverential tones. My Proud Mountain have responded to the wishes and have put together another dream team for the second Songs Of Townes Van Zandt release which will see the light of day later this year. Taking on the dutiful challenge of covering Townes Van Zandt’s music this time will be John Baizley, singer and guitar player of Baroness, Nate Hall from US Christmas, and Mike Scheidt from YOB. Each musician approaching their favourite songs in their own personal way, paying homage to the original recordings and finding new ways to convey these well known songs and to deliver their lyrical content. In the interim, My Proud Mountain have created something extra special for Record Store Day 2013 on 20 April in the form of a collectible 10″ LP featuring four Townes Van Zandt songs – two unreleased songs and two previously released material also. Track-listing and annotation below: Side A: John Baizley – If I Needed You – first outtake from “Songs of Townes Van Zandt” to be released in 2013 Nate Hall – A Song For – unreleased a cappella / drone version Side B: Steve Von Till – The Spider Song – taken from “A Grave Is A Grim Horse” by Steve Von Till – released on Neurot Recordings 2008 Scott Kelly – St. John the gambler – taken from „Songs of Townes Van Zandt“ on My Proud Mountain 2012 John Baizley and Nate Hall will continue to support this 10″ and forthcoming full length by playing some shows in Europe, for some a first glimpse of the new material. John Baizley commented on his involvement: “Earlier this year, My Proud Mountain label approached me about contributing some tracks to the second “Songs of Townes Van Zandt” covers collection. While Baroness is preparing to resume touring, I am excited to come to Berlin and play music that our audience may be unfamiliar with me performing. I have always been an admirer and devotee of Townes, and I hope I can come and do some of his songs justice. This will be a unique opportunity for me.” As the next release takes shape we can celebrate and premiere some of the material as part of this exclusive showcase here: John Baizley feat. Katie Jones & Oldseed April 22nd GER – Berlin – HBC (exclusive German Show)–BARONESS-.html John will take the stage not only to perform his favorite Townes Van Zandt songs but a few solo tracks and interpretations of Baroness songs as well. Musician Katie Jones is going to support John with acoustic instruments like the guitar, violin or cello. Invited along as main support is Canadian artist, and German resident, Oldseed, whose music earnestly touches the hearts of his listeners because it imparts a truth we all want to believe in. Craig (aka Oldseed) remarks: „I’ve been a Baroness fan since first and second came out.  I’m really looking forward to sharing the stage with John as he goes in a more intimate direction.  Should be a memorable evening.“ To give you an Idea about the beautiful sounds of Oldseed check this: More shows at Roadburn festival 2013:

Nate Hall & John Baizley featuring Katie Jones

April 18th NL – Tilburg – Roadburn – Het Ptaronaat –

April 19th NL – Tilburg Roadburn – Cul De sac –

April 20th NL – Tilburg –   Sounds / Records Store – Nate Hall Solo



We all of My Proud Mountain just as John, Nate  Katie and Craig (Oldseed) look forward to this and hope you enjoy.