Neurosis_Summer Tour 2017_Online Flyer

Neurosis continue to announce live shows in support of their lauded eleventh studio album, Fires Within Fires (Neurot Recordings) as today we reveal a handful of festival and other live appearances in July.

Sat 01.07.2017, DK – Roskilde, Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, Roskilde Festival
Sun 02.07.2017, SE – Stockholm, Kraken & Wolfbrigade & Author & Punisher – Stockholm, Kraken
Mon 03.07.2017, SE – Gothenburg, Pustervik & Author & Punisher – Gothenburg, Pustervik
Tue 04.07.2017, FI – Helsinki, Tavastia & Dark Buddha Rising –  Helsinki, Tavastia
Wed 05.07.2017 IS – Neskaupstadur, Eistnaflug – Neskaupstadur, Eistnaflug


„There is a deep energy and there is effervescent force…Neurosis play as if they have cracked the secret of punk itself, revealing that the truth of speed is slowness (take note accelerationists), and that high, taut voices and trebly guitars are just pitched up versions of the howls and bass that lie beneath.“ – WIRE

„a revelation“ – METAL HAMMER

„Just like their live show after the departure of Josh Graham, Neurosis became rawer, more hardened and even simpler in a way, following the cycle-closing ‘Honor Found In Decay’. ‘Fires Within Fires’ is their shortest and most concise record since ‘Pain Of Mind’, but at the same time it’s one of the deepest, most memorable and dynamic of an illustrious, world-changing career that has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. Only five songs, but as one full piece they unleash the spontaneous, exploding-star kind of energy that Neurosis, and no one else, are capable of creating.“ – TERRORIZER

„The Oakland five piece are on flawless form this evening, creating a sonic experience that enraptures as it crushes. They are a formidable presence, shifting from one song to another with machine like precision. A set stripped of the band’s more ambient soundscapes highlights just how skilled Neurosis are within their craft. Most bands would crumble under the pressure of having one of their key elements taken away, however, Neurosis prove that they are able to deliver no matter what the circumstances, and that every dynamic of their sound is expertly executed. Closing with classic ‘Through Silver in Blood’, tonight has been a truly humbling experience and proof that, after three decades, Neurosis are still very much at the top of their game.“ – AVE NOCTUM

„The power of Neurosis is an undeniable fact.“ – ECHOES AND DUST