Author & Punisher – Melk en Honing

Today we want to announce the new album of our booking artistsAuthor & Punisher titled „Melk en Honing“.„Melk en Honing” is released on Housecore Records and produced by Philip H. Anselmo, the voice of Pantera & Down.A great record from a great artist. Here you find some press quotes and more info of record and artist below. Author & Punisher will tour Europe again in January 2016 and we hope to see you there.   Press quotes:  ‘Listening to Author & Punisher is always a powerful and illuminating experience, and Melk En Honing sees Shone uniting heaviness with accessibility in ways he never has before. Few artists can make the unpredictable thrive within the repetitive and coax genuine emotion from cold, lifeless steel; when you find one, you had better take a listen.’ (METALSUCKS, Rating 4/5) ‘It’s an active listen though- you can’t just throw this on and go about your day. Really get in there and pick apart thenoises!’ (METALINJECTION) ‘If the Author & Punisher that released Drone Machines was the 800 series Terminator,  Melk en Honing is the T-1000 version and this timeit’s not going to be stopped.’ (THE SLEEPING SHAMAN) ‘Thankfully though, this bleak worldview hasn’t stopped Author & Punisher from becoming one of the most prolific acts in aggressive music, and it doesn’t look like it will slow him down anytime soon.’ (NOISEY/VICE) ‘Melk En Honing is perhaps likely to be one of the most quietly distinctive Metal albums of the year, simultaneously mechanised andsurprisingly human, and is unmistakably the work of a man with a fiercely independent vision that extends far beyond his unorthodox methods and deep into the music itself.’ (GHOST CULT , Rating 8/10)  ‘A haunting, cinematic take on post-apocalyptic art.’ (METAL HAMMER, Rating 8/10)


The Artist Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher is a new league of unwieldy heavy music and live performance. Tristan Shone, the creator and sole artist of A&P, combines an impressive background in mechanical engineering and conceptual sculpture to create what Wired Magazine has hailed as his own “special brand of doom metal.”  As experimental as Shone is at times, with the high fidelity drone so thick and pulsating it lays a sonic lead blanket waving over your core, it lingers only as long as it needs, regrouping or intensifying with pounding live rhythms and vocals.  The sound builds up anxiously but always rewards with a hint of hope in the form of epic sonic phrases leaving you feeling exhausted but satisfied.Abandoning the typical guitar and drums set up, Author & Punisher makes aggressive rhythmic and oscillatory soundscapes from his own custom fabricated and precision machinery.  Designed by Shone himself, the instruments of Author & Punisher are custom devices that begin mostly as big chunks of aluminium and steel that are worked into all manners of wheels, throttles, pedals, and masks to manipulate sound live. Shone’s electromechanical arsenal and physical approach to live production become to heavy music what Survival Research Laboratories was to live, unscripted performance art.After leaving a career as mechanical engineer in Boston to focus on art and sculpture, Tristan Shone created Author & Punisher while getting his MFA in Southern California. In the metal and machine shops of University of California, San Diego, Shone forged a relationship with design, sound and fabrication that ultimately yielded A&P’s first 3 albums and mapped the journey away from traditional instrumentation towards custom made, precision machinery that he calls Drone Machines, Dub Machines and now his series of Masks.All aspects of the A&P sound begin with physical movement, limbs struggling in unison to coordinate a wall of electronic rhythm and oscillation, ultimately conditioned by an organic and loose quality absent of sequencing and plastic perfection. Author & Punisher performances are a real amalgamation between man and mechanisms. They are direct, physical, heavy experiences that have amassed praise and intrigue from a wide array of audiences. Pitchfork styled him “immediate but mysterious,” Stereogum described his “chilling, unrecognizable form,” and NPR hails him as “a thrill [who] fires on all cylinders.”
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