Amenra – LIVE II

Amenra_Live II Poster


Dear friends, We are proud to announce our newest release: Amenra – LIVE II is the second live recording of AMENRA recorded at AB, Brussels (Tracks 1-6) on December 22th, 2012 & De Kreun, Kortrijk (Tracks 7-10) on February 10th, 2013 by Hein Devos. Mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson (EyeHateGod, Sleep, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle) The record includes a song featuring Scott Kelly of Neurosis who played with Amenra in Kortrijk. „The Church of Ra is a place where concepts come to life, a place where visions are frequent and hard work is in abundance. Amenra has been in front of everyone with their hard fought visionary music for many years now. Bringing a new approach, a Family, a truly revolutionary plan of attack to the world of underground music. Heavy, yes, Intense, beyond, but more then all of that it comes back to the tireless dedication and ceaselessly uncompromising sound that comes from these men.   I had the honor of not only being in attendance at this show but performing with the band for one song and I can tell you that what you hold in your hands is a testament to all that I have spoken to above. 1000 people in attendance, the most incredible visual presentation I have ever seen in my life, and a band that is at the top of their game right now, recorded in perfect quality. Amenra is among you do not miss them because as all things in our lifetimes the expiration is unknown. Their work will stand the test of eternity, this recording captures a mythical night, with a magical band.“ The tracklist 1 The Pain It Is Shapeless 2 Razoreater 3 Aorte 4 Boden 5 Nowena I 9.10 ft. Scott Kelly 6 Silver Needle Golden Nail 7 Dearborn and Buried 8 A Mon Âme 9 Terziele / Am Kreuz   The record comes in beautiful screen-printed cover, hand-printed by Fabian Lauer of incl a poster and sticker. For more details: Amenra – Live II. Now exclusively available at My Proud Mountain webshop, in stores from May 1st, 2015.

2x LP: